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Bringing A Car Dealership's Productivity Back Up with Our Top-of-the-Line Grout Sealing Service in St. Petersburg

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September 20, 2018

Most people fail to see the importance of having a break room in the workplace. They serve the purpose of providing a much needed mental and physical break from the stress that comes with work. Those businessmen who invest wisely in their break rooms almost immediately see the difference in productivity and satisfaction. However, a car dealership owner from St. Petersburg, Florida, had to learn his lesson the hard way when he saw the dealership's productivity declined drastically because of a dirty break room. Luckily, our St. Petersburg Grout Sealing experts found a solution to restore the company's break room and their organizational climate as well.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Floor Grout Sealing Service in St. Petersburg, FL
This took place recently. The owner of the dealership noticed a harsh decrease in sales and the entire vibe among his employees was off. He immediately called HR and asked them to look into the problem to find out what might be causing the decline in business and productivity. After assessing the situation, HR's report showed the only noticeable change was that nobody spent much time in the break room. From their perspective, the lack of bonding between coworkers could be the key cause to the problem. The area looked truly dull and unappealing, so they proposed hiring a professional restoration service and adding a few amenities in to lure the staff back into the break room.

After searching for local hard surface restoration companies and weighing their options, they decided to give us a call. They were impressed after seeing our previous award-winning work and decided to book the next available date for a free in-site inspection.

Sir Grout's In-Site Evaluation

As scheduled, our experts were greeted by a representative of the HR department. He escorted them to the break room and carefully explained the situation and how it was affecting the company's productivity and overall vibe.

Our crew thoroughly inspected the area. Once they were done, they sat down with the representative and explained how heavy foot traffic and the lack of proper maintenance had gradually led to dirt accumulation on the floor's grout lines. This accounted for the dirty and unappealing appearance. Being a place commonly used for eating, rest and, recreational purposes, it wasn't surprising the break room was no longer appealing to the employees.

As a solution, our experts proposed performing a professional deep cleaning process using our recently enhanced Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. With this solution, the entire floor would not only be clean but would actually remain clean for weeks thanks to our cleaner's antimicrobial formula. Next, our experts applied ColorSeal throughout the grout lines to restore them and bring back a uniform color.

A couple of days later, after the car dealership's board reviewed our proposal, we received a call to book the next available date for the restoration service to take place. They found our assessment very reasonable and wanted to get the job done as soon as possible.

Restoring the Car Dealership's Break Room and Productivity

Our team of technicians arrived at the dealership as expected and headed to the break room to quickly get prepped and begin the cleaning process. When everything was set, they poured Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner onto the floor and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Once the solution had loosened up the grime between the tiles, they easily removed it with a high-speed scrubber. We then used a vapor steam cleaner for those hard-to-reach spots where traces of dirt remained.

When the entire floor surface was clean and sanitized, our techs proceeded to apply ColorSeal, our own special sealant, to restore the damaged grout. What makes this product unique is that ColorSeal not only restores and protects the grout, but also allows you to recolor the grout, or even change it to something new if you want another look entirely.

The Outcome

When our hard surface experts were finished working on the tile floor, the whole room looked brand-new. Soon after, the dealership owner stepped in to see the results. You could see he was pleased with the outcome. He expressed his gratitude and didn't hesitate to make plans to reopen his revamped break room right away. The employees were immediately pleased.

Before leaving, our hard surface restoration experts sat down with the company's maintenance crew to give them a couple of pointers on how to care for and maintain the restored tile floors:
  • Always clean tile floors with pH neutral cleaners because they're completely safe and won't damage the grout. Quality products such as our proprietary Sir Grout Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are pH neutral and won't break grout down. Plus, our product isn't soapy like others in the market and won't leave that sticky residue that attracts dirt, and thanks to its newly enhanced formula, is now antimicrobial and will sanitize.
  • While cleaning, do not rinse your dirty mop back into your bucket of cleaning solution or you will only be spreading dirt everywhere.
  • After cleaning, always dry the floor with a towel or a wet vacuum. These methods remove any dirty water that might remain on floor's surface, while air drying will only get rid of the moisture but may leave dirt on the grout.
A couple of weeks after the restoration, we received a call from our clients at the car dealership. They called to inform us that our work had served its purpose and that their organizational climate was at an all-time high because their employees were really taking advantage of their restored break room.

Grout Sealing Services for Your Business!

It's a proven fact that work flows better in a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment. Give your business a boost and let Sir Grout Tampa transform your workplace with a quality hard surface restoration, call us at (813) 773-1161 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page. By doing so, we will promptly assess your company's situation and assist you in any way we can.

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