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Dream Vacations from Now On in a Revamped Beach Condo Thanks to Our Clearwater Grout Sealing Service

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August 12, 2018

A young businessman jumped on the opportunity to buy a beach condo in Clearwater, FL, for his family. Though at first the fixer-upper looked to be too much for him to handle, all it needed was a bit of cleaning and the extra touch of our Clearwater Grout Sealing services to look as good as new.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Shower Floor Grout Sealing Service in Clearwater, Florida
The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Ever since this young man had started his current job, he heard senior coworkers bragging about their summer houses. About a year earlier, one of his coworkers planned to start new position abroad. Since he would never use his beach condo again, he decided to sell it. Naturally, when his colleague offered the property, the young businessman was the first to show interest. He didn't want someone else to buy the property.

Upon a quick inspection of the condo, the young man saw it wasn't in tip-top shape. What concerned him most was the bathroom and the poor state of the laundry floor. Given the price, the beach condo was too good of a deal to pass on, even with the issues the young man found.

The Problem
Summer was around the corner. The young man knew he had to address his new beach condo's issues before he could take his family on vacation. He decided to go online and look for professional help to see what could be done to restore the floors in the condo.

That's when he found Sir Grout. On our website, he found that not only are we experts in these kinds of renovations, but to his luck, we have a franchise in Tampa, FL, that happens to serve Clearwater. He called us to book an in-home evaluation for when he flew to Tampa a week ahead of his family. This would give him the opportunity to prepare for their arrival.

The In-home Evaluation
As agreed, our experts showed up on the scheduled date to assess the issues. They first headed to the bathroom, where they found a white tile shower that had fallen victim to the passage of time. Its grout lines were noticeably dirty and the white tiles were stained.

The laundry floor looked even worse. The grout lines were extremely dirty and stained. Overall, it was in pretty rough shape and had obviously not received any professional care in over 40 years.

To revamp the condo, our experts proposed a deep cleaning on both surfaces. For the bathroom, they recommended replacing its original grout with a more resistant and durable epoxy grout. Finally, they would apply our special ColorSeal in to revitalize the beach condo's general aesthetics.

Happy with what he heard and fortunate there was an opening, the young man decided to book the service for the next day.

The Service
Early the next morning, our crew arrived to get things started. They quickly protected all adjacent areas and put aside any objects that could suffer damage or interfere with the procedure. After everything was prepped, they applied a non-toxic cleaner —now enhanced with antimicrobial agents— on all shower surfaces, which they let sit for a couple of minutes to loosen up the dirt, so it could be gently removed by a high-speed scrubber later on. They repeated the process on the laundry floor. They used a steam cleaner to remove hard-to-clean stains from the laundry room.

Once the bathroom was dry and clean, our crew removed all of the original grout and caulk and replaced it with epoxy grout. This special kind of grout is recommended for humid places, such as a beach condo's bathroom, because it's less porous and more of a plastic than its counterpart, making it less likely to crack, peel, or dry.

After the shower was done, they began the color sealing process on the laundry floor with our high-quality sealant, ColorSeal. This special sealant not only protects the grout and makes it much easier to clean, but it allows changing the grout color for aesthetic purposes. Once the ColorSeal was applied, the whole floor gained a consistent black color throughout its grout lines.

The Outcome
The outcome was as expected. All surfaces looked spotless. The greatest difference was in the laundry floor. Applying ColorSeal to the grout lines on the floor not only renovated the whole area but gave it a whole new aura.

The young man was very pleased with the results. He mentioned that it absolutely exceeded his expectations and he couldn't wait to see the look on his wife's and kid's faces when they saw their new beach condo.

Before leaving, our crew sat down and shared a few tips with the young man to help him keep his new beach condo in the best shape possible:
  • Use only safe, soap-free cleaners to sanitize your floors. Common soap-based cleaner can leave a film of scum on the surface.
  • Periodically hire a professional cleaning service to maintain your floors in tip-top shape. Sand, excess moisture, and limited maintenance can be a problem in beach houses.
  • Install an extractor fan in your bathroom. This will the area well ventilated and prevent any possible mold or mildew that might appear due to the damp and humid conditions.

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