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Giving a Grout Cleaning to This Bathroom in Tampa, FL, Greatly Improved its Looks

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June 14, 2018

Last month, this newlywed couple moved to their new place in Tampa, FL, to start their life together. However, the house came with a caveat. Even though most of the house had been remodeled prior to the purchase, the main shower had not been touched. Initially they thought that perhaps the bathroom was not clean enough, so they decided to give it a go. They managed to remove the dirt from the tiles giving it a much cleaner appearance, but despite their efforts they could not remove the grime from the bathroom's grout. Having just moved into another house, the couple's budget was tight, so they decided to start looking for alternatives.

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Floor Grout Cleaning in Tampa, Florida
Initially, they went on to consult their family about how to clean it, and after trying many of their suggestions and seeing no results they started to look for help online. These suggestions included a number of homemade recipes and soap-based products, but none of them worked. This prompted the couple to search for a grout cleaning service in Tampa, FL. Shortly after, they found our website. After browsing and reading several of the testimonials from satisfied customers, they decided to contact us for a free in-home evaluation.

Our Team's Visit
A few days later, our team of grout cleaners arrived at the customers' home. The couple greeted and led them to the bathroom. Our professionals went on to examine the surface and identified what was causing the damage. The grout in their bathroom and shower floors had been deteriorated because of accumulated dirt and the use of improper cleaning products and methods. In the shower's case, the high levels of moisture also contributed to the current state of the grout. Despite the grout being in bad shape, there were not any signs of permanent damage. Therefore, they offered a grout cleaning service, which the clients agreed to.

Why Correct Maintenance Matters
Damage prevention is the best way to keep a surface in good shape, which is why it is better to give proper maintenance than having to remodel. As seen in the before pictures, this shower had accumulated grime within its grout lines, giving them a dirty look. This had happened because improper products and cleaning techniques had been used. For example, the entirety of the bathroom floor had been subject to soap-based products. Soapy cleaners are not likely to remove dirt and actually they do the opposite. They leave a layer that allows dirt to concentrate in the grout even further. It is worth noting that this bathroom had ceramic tiles. While it is true they are very functional and have a lengthy lifespan, they have an often-overlooked downside which is grout lines.

Another mistake we often come across is the use of acidic products. In this case, our clients tried them in their shower, but what they did not know is that they contributed to the weakening and wearing-out of the grout lines. Even though professionals sometimes need to use acids on certain surfaces, they have gone through enough training to do it correctly. On top of that, trying to sort things out on your own can potentially result in unnecessary expenses.

How We Did It
A couple of days later, we returned to the homeowners' place to restore their bathroom. We started by applying a pH-neutral tile grout cleaner on the shower and bathroom's surface, letting it sit for a few minutes. This eases the removal of the deep-rooted dirt in the grout. After that, a high-speed scrubber was used to perfectly clean the grout lines. Our experts continued with the process by applying our flagship sealant: ColorSeal. This is both a waterproof and stainproof coating that will protect your grout for a long time and makes it easier to clean. It was especially fitting for our clients' shower, since it works very well against moisture, and keeping mildew and mold away from the surface. Finally, the shower was buffed with Tile Armor, a sealant to keep it protected.

After the grout cleaning job was done, our team brought the couple in to take a look at the results. They were beyond happy. They did not think their bathroom's surfaces had the potential to look like that after seeing it for the first time. They thanked our experts for completing the job in a timely manner and assured them that if they ever needed anything else done, they would call us. We were pleased by hearing that, since our number one goal is to earn the customers' trust and exceed their expectations.

As in tradition, we offered our customers some care tips before leaving. First, we advised them to clean their floors at least once a week with a pH-neutral cleaner because they do not damage grout, nor will they leave a residue like soap and oil or wax-based cleaners would. We also recommended to follow our cleaning process of letting the cleaners sit on the floors for a few minutes, that way the dirt will be easier to remove. Finally, for the shower tiles, we suggested to keep the bathroom surface ventilated.

When your grout lines look darker than they did before, they might just need a grout cleaning service. If you live in Tampa, Sir Grout Tampa is there for you, offering the best tile and grout cleaning services in your area. Calls us at (813) 773-1161 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form in this page to schedule a free in-home consultation today. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest info and promotions.

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