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Our Grout Cleaning Job in New Port Richey, FL, Changed the Appearance of These Rooms for Better!

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March 31, 2018

Most times, maintaining a specific room of the house is nearly impossible. Why? Because professional help is required once in a while. Homeowners often use harsh cleaning methods and products in their cleaning routines, ignoring the damage they can do to their grout lines. That's what happened with our next customer, which is why he needed to use our grout cleaning service in New Port Richey, FL.

Before and After Picture of a Kitchen Floor Grout Cleaning Service in New Port Richey, Florida
This resident lived happily in New Port Richey, FL. He was a busy man who rarely had time to do the work he needed to do around his house. He tried not to neglect things, but his time off was limited. Despite this, he usually made a to-do list that included a cleaning routine. He never had time to deep clean. He didn't realize that would affect his grout lines, but it did.

The homeowner, after his cleaning routine, usually invited friends to spend time having fun. On one of those visits, his best friend saw the grout lines on the kitchen floor and commented on their poor condition. The owner didn't pay too much attention to the comment at first, but he remembered the comment the next day and began to see some old pictures and realized that his friend was right: the grout lines were in bad shape. They were beginning to look dull.

That same day, the homeowner went to the nearest store to buy more cleaning products, so he could deep clean the kitchen floor. He began the cleaning process right away. He even searched for tips online. Despite his best effort, there was no change in the condition of his grout lines. Even after several attempts at cleaning them, he could not restore them to their former brilliance.

The homeowner asked a friend about a company that offered quality grout cleaning services in New Port Richey, FL. The friend recommended he hire Sir Grout Tampa and explained we performed a grout cleaning job for him with extraordinary results. The man, trusting his friend, searched online our website and found us in the top results. He saw pictures of our previous work and read testimonials from satisfied clients. He was convinced we were the best option for cleaning the grout lines on his kitchen floor, so he made the call to schedule a free in-home evaluation.

Before and After Picture of a Kitchen Floor Grout Cleaning Service in New Port Richey, Florida
On the day of the assessment, our team of experts arrived at the house to offer the best solution possible for solving the client's grout line problem. The homeowner invited the specialists to see the kitchen floor. Our team of professionals detected there were tiny problems, not just on the kitchen floor, but in the hallway as well. They explained the problems were not big ones and that the only thing needed was to properly clean the surface and seal the grout lines. The man accepted the proposal and set a date to have the work finished.

Grout is a rough and porous material and has many characteristics that attract dirt easily. Also, liquids can seep deep into the grout and stain it. Many homeowners try to clean their grout surfaces with harsh cleaning products, not knowing they can damage the grout.

Our experts returned to the man's home to start the cleaning process. First, they began by cleaning the surface using appropriate cleaners and a high-speed vertical scrubber. They used vapor steam cleaning on the hard-to-reach areas, which effectively removed all the dirt from the surface and grout lines.

Once the kitchen floor was cleaned, our team of professionals told the client that it was time to apply our exclusive sealant, ColorSeal, to all the grout lines. This product creates a shield around grout and protects it from water, dirt, stains, mold, and mildew. Moreover, ColorSeal comes in different colors, which allows clients to match the grout lines to their tiles. The client chose a light color to match his tile pattern.

Our specialists repeated the cleaning process in the hallway, completely restoring it to its former beauty.
The client was thrilled with the results. There was a huge, noticeable difference when the job was finished. The hallway and kitchen floors looked so much better. The client took several photos to show them to his friend. He thanked our team for the incredible service and mentioned that he would recommend us to anyone who had similar problems.

Before leaving, our cleaners gave the client some recommendations for keep the floors looking good. They suggested the man to always use soap-free cleaning products for regular maintenance. Why? Because those cleaners do not damage the sealant on the grout lines. They also recommended having a professional grout cleaning service once or twice a year to avoid major problems in the future.

If you think the grout lines of your kitchen, hallway, or any area of your house need to be cleaned, we can help you! Sir Grout Tampa has a professional team of experts to assist you with these problems and more. Contact us by calling at (813) 773-1161 or by filling out the "Request a Quote" form on this site to schedule a free in-home consultation. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with promotions!

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