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Our Stone Cleaning Professionals in Land O' Lakes, FL, Gave This Shower a Second Chance with the Most Advanced Techniques

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August 29, 2018

Many homeowners have turned to travertine when remodeling the floors in their house. It offers a stylish option as one of the oldest building materials in existence, adding a sense of prestige and age to the environment. It is a sedimentary rock that is formed from limestone, and as such, it is durable and versatile. Even though travertine is one of the most resilient materials for flooring, it has a porous composition that makes it vulnerable to staining, discoloration, mold, and mildew because water and other liquids can seep into the crevices. These issues can be prevented by applying a special sealant upon installation, and this sealing process should be done periodically to maintain the surface protected. If not properly maintained, the stone is exposed to all sorts of harmful agents. When travertine tiles are unsealed, damaged, stained, or discolored, only professionals have the tools and techniques to restore them.

Before and After Picture of a Travertine Shower Floor Stone Cleaning Service in Land O' Lakes, Florida
A couple from Land O' Lakes, FL, decided to remodel their shower with travertine tiles for the floor and ceramic tiles for the walls. They wanted a more durable, easy to maintain option that gave their shower a stylish look. The couple achieved their goal when the remodel was performed. Their shower looked fantastic and they were able to maintain its gorgeous appearance with minimal effort. Unfortunately, after several months of the renovation, they began to have problems with the upkeep of the shower. Nasty stains blemished the tiles, and despite their best effort, they couldn't get rid of them. They needed our stone cleaning professionals in Land O' Lakes, FL, to bring back their shower to its former beauty.

Before looking for qualified assistance, the couple tried to solve the problem with some DIY methods they found. As the instructions indicated, they made a mix with water, baking soda, and cleaning solution. Once the mixture was completed, they began to apply it on the surface. They let the paste rest for some time. This chore took almost all morning, and when they scrubbed the walls and floor to remove the coating, they found out there were no positive results. The stains remained, sullying the tiles and the couple was not happy with this result, so they started weighing their options to find a solution for the problem.

They reached the conclusion that the best choice was to look for professional help. They called a friend and asked if he knew anyone that could help. His friend suggested contacting Sir Grout Tampa because he had heard we could restore any hard surface. He recommended checking out our website to get more information. The couple took his advice and went online to browse our site. Our picture gallery immediately caught their eyes. The pictures were a showcase of our professionalism and the outstanding results we provide our customers. They were relieved to see we had restored showers with similar stains as theirs. After reading the testimonials from previous satisfied clients who certified we were the best hard surface restoration company in town, they decided to schedule a free in-home consultation by filling out a "Request a Quote" form.

A couple of days later, we arrived at their house for the shower's assessment and to offer the most effective solution for the problem. After briefly greeting the owners, we proceeded with the evaluation. We immediately noticed the soap scum accumulation on the shower's walls, forming a whitish filmy layer on the surface that gave it a stained appearance. We explained that every time soap residue and water mix, a new layer of soap scum forms over the existing one, creating multiple layers. When these layers harden, they can't be removed with conventional cleaning methods or products. Upon closer inspection, we found out that the grout was unsealed and harboring mold because it had been exposed to external agents. To remove the stains, eliminate the fungi, and seal the grout, the shower required the intervention of qualified professionals with the right tools and expertise.

We offered a stone cleaning service using our high-quality products and advanced techniques. We would clean the entire floor with stone-safe cleaners and perform the necessary repairs in the grout lines. We would also seal the grout using our state-of-the-art ColorSeal. This exclusive sealant is highly resistant to dirt, stains, water, mold, and mildew. It also boosts the appearance of the surface by giving the grout lines a uniform color. To finish, we would buff the walls and floor with our top of the line StoneArmor, a unique product that would grant an extra layer of protection to the stone tiles. We assured the owners that after our work, their shower would look renewed, free of stains and fungi. The couple was happy with our assessment and the solution we proposed and proceeded to set up a date for the job.

On the appointed date, we returned to our client's house to begin the restoration of the shower. Our stone cleaning process was a multi-step procedure that required professional tools, the most advanced techniques, and the highest quality products. We started by cleaning the floor tiles using a stone-safe cleaner and a high-speed scrubber. When the floor was no longer dirty, we performed all the necessary repairs in the grout lines and left them pristine and spotless. For the ceramic walls, we used a pH-neutral cleaner and made sure to remove all the dirt and dust from the surface to ready it for the next step. Using a high temperature steam cleaner, we sanitized all the grout lines and left the environment free of mold and completely hygienic. Once that was done, we proceeded to get rid of the soap scum stains. We scrubbed the walls and floor with a special stain remover until the soap scum was completely gone.

When we completed those steps, we moved to the sealing process. We sealed the grout lines with our top of the line ColorSeal. This high level sealant blocks the absorption of water and protects the surface against dirt, grime, and all other harmful external agents, all while making cleaning routines easier and faster. It comes in a variety of colors so the owners can match the grout with the tiles, enhancing the appearance of the surface. We finished by buffing the floor and walls with our exclusive StoneArmor. This unique product is non-toxic and safe for everyone in the house. It wards off damages by giving the stone tiles an extra layer of protection, and with the right maintenance, it lasts for years.

When we finished the work, the shower's walls and floor were fully restored. The floor no longer looked dirty; all the grout lines had a beautiful appearance and a brand-new color. All the nasty soap scum stains were removed from the walls, giving the shower a clean atmosphere. The shower was finally free of all the blemishes that were giving a difficult time to the owners. Now it was protected against all damages, thanks to our special sealants. This level of restoration was only possible because of our professional techniques and our high-quality products.

We invited our clients to see the outcome. The couple was impressed with the new look of their shower; they couldn't believe all the stains were gone. They were delighted with the pristine appearance the floor and walls had. The quality of our work had gone beyond their expectations, and after thanking us, they said we had become their company of choice for hard surface restoration. From that point on, they would recommend Sir Grout Tampa to all their friends, family, and neighbors.

We provide our clients the best solution for their problem and guarantee long lasting, easy to maintain results, and we always take time to train them on how to perform proper cleaning routines on their restored surface. Before leaving, we gave the couple some recommendations and suggestions to keep their shower looking its best for a long time:
  • Clean the shower after every use. Following a shower, the walls and floor get covered in soap, water, and dirt particles. If these are left unchecked on the surface, soap scum starts to build up, promoting the growth of mold and mildew. To prevent this, squeegee the walls and floor after each use. Always run a clean, dry towel on the surface to soak up any remaining water. Once finished, leave the door ajar to keep the area well ventilated.
  • Establish a regular cleaning routine. While wiping down the shower after each use will greatly decrease the presence of soap scum, dirt particles, mold and mildew, traces of these agents will still cover the walls and floor. The shower needs to be cleaned every one or two weeks. Use only pH-neutral, soap-free cleaners and avoid acidic, soap-based products.
  • Try not to use bar soaps. Soap scum on tile and grout is the result of bar soap residue that has re-hardened on the surface. Not using these soaps would drastically mitigate the accumulation of soap scum in the shower. We suggest using liquid soap because it won't leave any harmful residue on the tiles and grout.
Our professional work, top tier products, and these easy to follow steps are guaranteed to keep the great condition of the shower and provide easier, faster, and effective cleaning routines.

When the condition of your natural stone shower is giving you a hard time and you are looking for professional assistance, our stone cleaning services are the best choice for you. Sir Grout Tampa provides experienced and advanced stone restoration processes that will make your shower look brand-new. As a leading company in the hard surface restoration industry, we offer the most effective techniques to help you. Don't hesitate to contact us by calling (813) 773-1161 or by filling out our "Request a Quote" form for a free in-home consultation. We will be glad to attend your needs. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest info and promotions.

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