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A Shower in Wesley Chapel Has a Brand-New Glow After Our Tile Cleaning Services

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June 16, 2024

A homeowner in Wesley Chapel missed the comfort she used to find in her shower area. For almost a month, she'd tried to do something about the mold on the seams, but the stains only became more visible until the homeowner grew concerned about the structural stability of her shower. At that point, it was obvious that regular cleaners wouldn't be enough to counter the damage, so she decided to look for professional assistance.

Shower Floor and Walls Before and After a Tile Cleaning in Wesley Chapel
Luckily, finding Sir Grout Tampa wasn't hard, and the homeowner knew that we were the right choice after reading about our tile cleaning services in Wesley Chapel. She headed to our online scheduler and completed her request in only a few minutes. As per her request, our techs were at her doorstep a couple of days later for an in-home evaluation.

The homeowner invited them in after recognizing our logo on their uniform and gave them a rundown of the problem. Inside the bathroom area, our specialists inspected the shower stall, paying special attention to the signs of decay on the horizontal seams. Water and soap had seeped into the porous surface, slowly cracking the joints until parts of the grout looked on the verge of falling apart. The tiles on the walls and the floor also looked duller and worse for wear and, according to the client, no amount of scrubbing could get the ceramic to shine.

Our techs explained that these issues are fairly common since shower surfaces are constantly exposed to chemical products and the minerals in hard water. They offered to revamp the shower with their standard restoration method, and the homeowner agreed with this approach after getting a full rundown of the process.

As scheduled during the evaluation, our experts returned to her house the next day to work on the shower. First, they covered the surrounding area with masking tape and clear plastic before using a special cleaner on the walls and the floor. Thanks to the product's permeating effect and our 275-degree vapor steamer, our techs had no trouble removing all the embedded mold and soap scum. By the end of it, the tiles' color looked much more vibrant.

For the next step, they removed all the damaged caulk around the floor tiles and regrouted the seams with our high-end epoxy mix. This process also eliminated all the risks attached to cement-based grout because our epoxy solution provides maximum resistance against mold and decay. When it was time to restore the grout lines on the wall and the rest of the floor, our crew applied Sir Grout's ColorSeal. This amazing sealant works as a protective barrier that keeps the grout from absorbing liquids, product residue, and other external elements. It's also available in multiple colors to ensure that the grout's final look matches the homeowner's personal preference.

Our experts checked for any last-minute details and finally called the homeowner back into the room. She loved the shower's new look and praised our work after seeing the grout's transformation up close. She also promised to recommend our services to all the people she knew in Wesley Chapel.

At the end of the appointment, our techs took a moment to share some additional cleaning pointers. Their first recommendation was to use pH-neutral cleaners over bleach and other traditional solutions. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner has all you need to keep your shower spotless for much longer.

It removes the stains caused by mold and soap in minutes so you don't have to subject your shower surfaces to excessive scrubbing. Because there are no harsh ingredients to worry about, you can also use our product as many times as needed. Your tiles won't suffer any discoloration and you won't be exposed to toxic fumes, so routine cleaning is less of a struggle. Next, our specialists warned against using steel wools and other harsh tools on the shower. Instead, you can remove all traces of dirt with a clean towel or a squeegee; it'll be easier to clean harder-to-reach surfaces and you won't risk scratching the tiles by mistake.

Last but not least, we always recommend checking that all bathroom surfaces are properly ventilated. If you sense that the room is becoming stuffy, you can open the windows and doors for a few hours so there's more fresh air around your shower area.

You deserve to enjoy your shower surfaces to the fullest! The specialists at Sir Grout Tampa are ready to assist you with exceptional services to transform any part of your home. If you want to give your shower an upgrade, contact us by calling (813) 773-1161 or by scheduling a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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