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This Run-Down Floor Received an Outstanding Transformation Thanks to Our Grout Cleaning Service in Lutz, FL

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July 05, 2018

Porcelain wood tile is a cost effective, versatile alternative to any hardwood or laminate floor. It has become a hot trend in recent years for homeowners who want the elegance of hardwood but prefer the convenience of tile. It combines the beauty and refinement of natural wood with the high durability and cost of tile. However, this popular flooring choice is not invulnerable to damage or wear and tear. Tiles require grout, a porous, cement-based mixture that requires proper maintenance and cleaning. Dirt from foot traffic, water, and cleaner residue can seep deep into the grout lines, drastically changing their color or even breaking them. This gives the once elegant and radiant surface an unpleasant appearance. When this happens, the best solution is to hire a professional grout cleaning service in Lutz, FL.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Floor Grout Cleaning Job in Lutz, Florida
A young couple from Lutz, FL. bought their first house together to be close to their hometown. They loved the flooring choice of the property; the plank tiles gave the house a refined yet cozy atmosphere. Nonetheless, they noticed some blemishes on the tiles, but it was not a deal breaker. The couple thought that once they settled into the house, they would take care of the floor with some cleaning. A few weeks after buying the house, they finally had time to perform maintenance around their new house. When they reached the floor, the couple realized it was going to be more difficult than they previously believed.

The young man began scrubbing the grout lines but he didn't notice any changes to the brownish color they had. His wife read some magazines and searched for methods to clean grout and found some DIY procedures that appeared to be useful for them. The couple went shopping for cleaning products and using the tips the young woman found in the magazine, they tried once again to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, the results were the same. They didn't notice any changes at all. Vexed with this outcome, the young man decided to look for professional assistance. He went online and searched for the best grout cleaning service in Lutz, FL, and in the top search results he found Sir Grout Tampa. He showed the website to his wife and together they browsed our "Before and After" Gallery. The couple was immediately impressed with the skillful restoration shown in the pictures, and after reading testimonials from previous clients who certified the quality of our service, they were convinced we were the right company for them. They filled out a "Request a Quote" form and scheduled a free in-home consultation.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Floor Grout Cleaning Job in Lutz, Florida
We arrived on the appointment date for the evaluation of the floor and to offer the most effective solution for its restoration. The couple greeted us and we promptly began the floor's inspection. The first thing we noticed was that the tiles were stained; this was most likely caused by spills that were left lingering on the surface for a long time. The floor also showed signs of heavy foot traffic, with noticeable scratches on some areas. On closer examination, we spotted dirt, grime, and soap scum in the grout lines. This was caused by the usage of harsh cleaning products and improper cleaning methods. In order to restore the grout, clean the tiles, and give the floor a pristine appearance, professional maintenance was necessary.

We offered a grout cleaning service using our high quality products and advanced techniques. We would restore the entire floor and perform the necessary repairs in the grout lines. We would also seal the grout using our state-of-the-art ColorSeal. This exclusive sealant would not only protect the grout against dirt, stains, water, mold, and mildew it would also enhance its appearance using the color chosen by the clients. To top it all, we would seal the tiles with our water-based and non-toxic TileArmor, a unique sealant that would grant an extra layer of protection to the surface. We assured the couple the complete restoration of their floor. They were happy with our assessment and the solution we proposed and proceeded to set up a date for the job.

We returned to the couple's house on the scheduled date for the grout cleaning service. It was a skillful procedure that required several thorough steps:
  • Cleaning the surface using our proprietary tile and grout cleaner. We used safe, pH-neutral products that won't cause any damage to the grout or tiles. We cleaned the surface with a high-speed, gentle scrubber until there was no trace of dirt and grime left.
  • Using a vapor steam cleaner, we sanitized the difficult to reach areas. This left the environment completely spotless and hygienic.
  • Replacing and repairing the old, dirty, and muddy grout with our top of the line grout. Our product has the highest quality and it's built to resist damage from daily wear and tear, ensuring a long life span.
  • Sealing the grout lines with our high level ColorSeal. A top tier sealant that offers protection against water, stains, mold, and mildew, all while giving the grout a brand-new look. ColorSeal can be applied in any color desired by the clients, drastically enhancing the appearance of the surface.
  • Buffing the tile with TileArmor. A remarkable, water-based, and non-toxic product that would not only make cleaning routines easier and faster, it would also shield the tiles and spruce-up their appearance.
We painstakingly performed all the steps in the entire floor. When the process was completed, the surface had been renovated. The kitchen's floor looked pristine and charming while the living room's floor had the same renewed appearance. The elegance of our clients' floor had been completely restored with our advanced techniques and products.

We then invited the couple to see the results of our work. They were marveled to see that their floor had regained its alluring beauty and looked as good as new. Impressed with our performance, they stated that from that point on, TagSiteName would be their company of choice for any hard surface restoration they might need in the future. Alter thanking us, they said that they would recommend our service to all their friends, family, and neighbors. Our high quality products and skillful procedures ensure long term results. We also take time to train our clients on how to perform proper maintenance on their surface.

Before leaving, as we always do with all our clients, we gave the couple some recommendations and suggestions on how to perform proper maintenance and keep the great condition of their floor. We recommended using pH-neutral, soap-free cleaners to prevent damage to the grout lines. These cleaners don't leave residue and don't break the grout. We also recommended keeping the surface dry and well ventilated. If any spill occurs, it should be removed immediately using a towel or a terry cloth. Avoid using steel wools or other abrasive tools because they can leave scratches on the surface.

We do not recommend using soap-based or acidic cleaners. These products are harsh and harmful for the grout. They leave residue that seeps deep into the grout lines promoting the growth of fungi, and they can also break the grout causing more severe damages. Also, avoid using dirty mops when cleaning the floor. Rinsing a dirty mop into the cleaning solution leads to grime build-up, for this reason, only clean mops should be used.

These easy to follow recommendations, our experienced service, and high quality products, provide effective cleaning routines and guarantee long lasting results.

If you are looking for qualified and experienced assistance to restore your floor, our grout cleaning services are the best option you'll find. Sir Grout Tampa provides high-quality, long term results that will renew your surface and give it a refreshed appearance. As a leading company in the hard surface restoration industry, we offer the most advanced and skillful techniques to help you with your problem. Don't hesitate to contact us by calling (813) 773-1161 or by filling out our "Request a Quote" form for a free in-home consultation. We will be glad to attend you. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest info and promotions.

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